Monday, August 27, 2012

I confess

I confess I think i have an unhealthy obsession with everything that is faux mustache... I will leave you with the pictures and just point out my birthday is next month and I will gladly give you my P.O. Box number for a few of these gems

via   you can wrap it in this!!!!
These are only a few options I love it all....Thank you in advance lol


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Rundown

Well my beautiful ladies I am feeling more and more myself as the days go on Hallelujah!!!!!!!
Friday I went to a high school football game which was extremely fun but then we all started talking and made ourselves depressed because we are 10 years older than most of those kids. Seriously when in the hell did I get old??????? We then went bowling and may I ask when the hell did bowling alleys get bars. I mean come on this is AMAZING!!!! Have I been under a rock or what? My phone was dead so I didnt do any picture taking. Very sad I know but one of the girls def. busted her ass on the lane because she didnt know they were slippery once you cross that dreaded line. HAHA we almost had to make an ER trip since her hand was swollen and blue before we even got home.

Saturday was my lazy day. I seriously didn't do much of anything. Laid around being lazy lol
Sunday as in today I went to my friends house out on the lake and swam. Gotta make the best of the rest of summer. We live in Tennessee so that could be 2 more months but who knows. It's beginning to feel alot more like fall everyday. Ill leave you with what few pictures from the weekend I have.
Don't ask me about these faces. And yes we went out in a mini van...classy
I worked the front desk instead of seeing patients friday so I wore a dress
They are wooden how cute
my view for the day
my sweet baby diesel

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I confess

  I Confess: I have really neglected this blog over the summer. I have had way too many things going
                    on in my life and I'm not completely comfortable discussing these things yet but with

I Confess: I am finally starting to feel like my old chipper self again and it is..AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I Confess: I turn 26 next month and although its a pretty lame birthday I wanna have a big party.

I Confess: I'm gonna do it...don't judge me!!! Oh yea your all invited!!!!!

I Confess: Finally I confess i really want to be a better blogger and have a following like some of the blogs that I'm in love with. I have mentioned them before.

Hope everyone has an amazing week!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

How I make that money

So its been a hot minute since I blogged and I figured my first post back should be a link up with the amazing Bargain Blonde so here goes

How I make that money honey

So lets just start off I work for cancer specialists. We have multiple offices but I work at an outer clinic and I absolutely love it. I run what we call the shot clinic. Let me start off by saying our doctors are not only oncologists (cancer docs) but also hematologists (blood docs). So we deal with not only cancer but anemia and other blood related disorders. I draw all the blood for my patients as well as give them whatever shots they needs for examply procrit, aranesp and neulasta. IF anyone knows what those are for ill give you a giant hug.

I also have to deal with insurance which makes me want to pull my hair out. I have to get what we call PA (prior authorizations) from insurance to make sure they will pay for there medications. I also have to call in prescriptions and basically anything else that is needed of me in the clinic.

My job is extremely rewarding but hard at times. I sit and talk to these patients almost on a daily basis while they are recieving chemo and I become very close with them. Some pass away and its very hard, but we trudge on so we are able to help so many others.

I also work in Emergency Room for about the past 4 years. That is another story but lets just say I love my full time job best. Any questions please feel free to ask as I am an open book. If your visiting my page thru the link up please leave a comment and stay a while. Thanks to lindsey for the awesome link up.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You Know!!!!

So again hectic crazy week. Last weekend we got pictures taken. We had them done at UT Gardens which is gorgeous and as soon as I get them back please prepare for a photo dump. Haha This friday is the boyfriends birthday and next friday is his son's 3rd birthday so lets just say I'm in birthday mode. I love birthdays especially everyone elses. I have a tendancy to go all out and surprise them with decorations.

I just want to state that I love this blogging community sooo much. I admire these beautiful ladies going on all these blates and blacations. I hope that 1 day I will be as close with these ladies as they are with each other. Maybe I should work on my blogging skills. HAHA. I just want to let you all in on what blogs I'm loving and I read these blogs religiously,

Pink Lou Lou
Ashley #2
The Bargain Blonde

I find these women incredible. Go read there blogs and fall in them with them as much as I have. And I was leave you with this little gem with a few of these girls. I watch this video atleast once a week.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

That Time my family came to visit

So my mom, grandmother and cousin came to visit this past week. They are from Pennsylvania and are straight up hilarious. We gave my grandmother hell all week. She always repeats things 2 minutes after you said it like you never said anything and of course she knows everything. But shes hilarious.
     This was the first time that Aaron had met any of my family and it went fabulously. He loved them and they liked him as well. We went to dinner at Smokey Mt. Brewery which was amazing. They make this beer cheese and it is to DIE for. Anyways I look over and the boyfriend and my grandmother are sitting across the table from each and both twitching there hands in the exact same way. We tease my grandmother about this so for them both to do it at the same time was absolutely ridiculous.
     After my cousin and the bf and me went to the wax museum that just opened. It was alot of fun and we took alot of ridiculous pictures.

 We did alot of shopping while they were in town and I got some kickass PURPLE shoes and some blue ones too. LoL

My mother is amazing and shes very good to me. I couldn't ask for anyone better. I took them around town they have been here many times before but we have never really done any nature type things so we went to cades cove and also Tuskaleechee caverns and toured them. Cades cove is a giant 11 mile loop of nature and your guaranteed to see animals. We saw 5 bears, 8 deer and multiple turkeys not to mention some gorgeous nature

This is my backyard so to speak and its amazing.

My family is going back tomorrow and it makes me sad, but I can't wait to take Aaron and the babes up next spring and show them around Pennsylvania. I missed my lovies and I'm catching up on your blogs are we speak or type shall I say.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family Time!!!

So I'm so very excited because my mom, grandmother and possibly my cousin are making an improptu vacation to visit me. They all live in Pennsylvania which is 10 count it 10 hours away. They will arrive on friday and leave next thursday. I'm sooo excited I haven't seen any of them in a little over a year. Plus they will get to meet the BF so that will be amazing I'm sure.
    On a lighter note the bf let me get a kitty cat. I've never really been a cat person but he has cats and told me I could not have a dog. One of my patients told me about a customer of hers trying to get rid of a himalayan cat. Now I had a himalayan in high school and those are basically my favorite kitties. I called the lady and picked up my baby on Friday. She is 6 years old and her name is "cookie." Right now she is scared to death which I dont like but she will get used to everyone and everything. We thought she might be deaf at first because she wouldnt respond to anything. But after the bf's mom took a look at her we just came to the realization she is just ignoring us. The kind previous owner even gave me a ton of supplies for her. So basically we are set. Now just to get her more comfortable. That's all lovelies I probably won't be blogging until next week due to the family being in town. Don't miss me too much. I love all you gorgeous ladies!!!!